Jetson Systems, LLC new tenant at Sarasota City Center, FL.

Jetson Systems, LLC leased 1,288 rentable square feet at Sarasota City Center, 1819 Main Street, Sarasota, FL.  

Jetson Systems, LLC is a software company owned by a private equity firm.  They develop software for private family offices, which provides an intuitive dashboard for managing and simplifying all aspects of an Ultra High Net Worth (UNHW) client’s life. The PLM includes tools for UHNW clients to manage their finances, properties, businesses, documents and media and more.

“The Osprey Team (Sarasota and Michigan) has been consistently helpful when we had questions, and made sure that everything for the lease was done properly and on time.  Working with them has been a pleasure” declared Elizabeth Dexter, Technical Publications Coordinator.

Lori Hellstrom represents Osprey Real Estate Services in all lease transactions for Sarasota City Center.