Osprey installs car charging station at Osprey Commerce Center

In December 2013, while searching for a new location, Atkins North America, Inc. contacted the Economic Development Corporation and were told that no commercial buildings in Sarasota County provided access to Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) for electric vehicles (EVs).

Only one real estate company was receptive to this new “lease requirement”– Osprey Real Estate Services. As a final component of the lease negotiations, a 240-volt charging station, Level 2 EVSE, was installed at Osprey Commerce Center with expansion capability for an additional two in the future. Two parking spaces were designated for EVs. Osprey then took this to another level by coordinating the use of existing building access cards, which are already assigned to tenants, for billing and use of the station. “Other than public EVSEs around town, this is the first Sarasota County commercial building to provide their tenants this amenity. Osprey Real Estate Services & Management Companies are clearly leading the charge! “stated Mr. Sharek, environmental engineer and Atkins’ Manager. “

The decision to join efforts with Mr. Sharek, who is so passionate about electric cars, and install a charging station at Osprey Commerce Center was easy and fits with Osprey’s vision and commitment to support innovative companies in their effort to promote clean energy ” added Lori Hellstrom, Osprey’s Director of Leasing. “We are open to the idea of adding charging stations to our other buildings, including the Sarasota City Center, downtown.

For more information contact Lori at 941-365-1819 or lhellstrom@ospreyres.com

Osprey Commerce Center
100 Paramount Drive
Sarasota, FL 34232